Tuesday, January 6, 2009

makin' love in the afternoon with cecila, up in my bedroom.

just wanted to leave you with a line from one of my all-time favorite songs (and it was FOR SURE my favorite song when i was 3-5 years old)...simon and garfunkel's "cecila".

which...by the way, if you ever hear of another simon and garfunkel reunion tour, please let me know. they're right behind the beatles when it comes to my heart.

let's see. okay, here's what i'll talk about. john and i are starting to think about looking at maybe buying a house. yeah, it's a longshot, but we're going to see what's up.

basically, last spring when we were looking for a rental house, we met this realtor. and she was AWESOME. i don't think that realtors really make any money when they find people a rental house, and i know we didn't pay her a dime..but every weekend for about a month she would take us to various houses around rogers just to see what was available and what we liked. we loved her. and she checked on us a month or so after we moved in just to see how we were doing.

so with the housing market like it is, with me making more money than i had been before (and taxable income at that), we're just going to see if we can even get a loan. right now we're looking at foreclosures because they're usually a lot cheaper, but also usually take a little longer to get it all processed (which is great because we'd like to start to look now, but wouldn't want to move until march or april). she knows several bankers personally, and also knows an investor who likes to buy houses and do owner purchases through that.

so, monday night she's coming over to our house after i get off work, bearing gifts of pizza and possibly reassurance.

i think we may be in WAY over our heads. we don't even have any sort of clue how much of a house we can afford, let alone if we'd even get approved for a loan. we've only been looking at houses that run no higher than $76,000 just so we wont get any sort of hopes up.

oh well...let it be. :)


Candice Houston said...

Good luck, I think it is a great move!

ness said...


Think she could find us a little love nest of our own?

one not so wet and attractive to roaches perhaps?