Tuesday, January 20, 2009


so, if you know me and we get to talking at all, you may soon realize that i'm politically liberal. very liberal. borderline socialist, actually.

if you know john and you get to talking at all, you may soon realize that he's politically moderate to liberally conservative. very moderate. almost unusually moderate actually.

we have differing political opinions on most things--and that's okay. one thing that i really enjoy about our relationship is that we are able to have different political viewpoints and we respect the other's opinions. there's no bashing of political parties, but there's thoughtful communication.

i hope to raise jonas in a home where he learns to respect other's views and opinions as having value, but strong clings to what he believes.

i believe that you CAN be politically close-minded as long as you have loving and open ears. it's okay to listen to what someone has to say and vehemetly disagree. just give them respect.

even if they voted for bush.



johnny a said...

I don't like what you're implying. I never voted for Bush.

Sarah said...

that's like jamie and i... only he's liberal and i'm moderate. :)