Wednesday, January 7, 2009

just a bit more

oh, and i just realized i'm all of like..16 weeks until the monster goes all Alien-style on me.

in case you didn't know, that's only 4 months. FOUR MONTHS. this is completely ridiculous, because frankly, i'm not ready. and i'm pretty sure that last night on the way home from work, i decided that i'm not going to do child birth.

now, that sounds illogical, but go with me for a minute. childbirth is painful. i've never experienced it, but i'm the same girl who threw up on herself because i scraped my foot and it bled a lot. and then i cried. i'm the girl who puts off grooming my eyebrows because damnit!! it hurts.

yeah, i hear about the whole amnesia thing, where you forget the pain and then want another baby right away.

i'm not so sure.

i think i've come up with an alternative to the actual birth. hear me out---

what if, i know it sounds crazy, but what if we could install the transportation devices that they use on star trek? we could just beam the baby out of us and into some cute jammies in their crib.

i need to call NASA and the AMA. i may just be a genius.

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ness said...

it's a thought.... but then you wouldn't be able to tell war stories and scare younger pregnant girls when your "monster" is 7 or 8 and you have nothing else to do with your time because they are practically grown up and don't even need you any more.