Monday, January 5, 2009

i've got a fetus, but have lost my brain.

so, i always heard about the urban legend of

...........PREGNANCY BRAIN............

and thought of it as just that-complete fiction.

and now, i have a confession. and let me assure you, it's one of many examples i'm about to list..

but the other night, john and i were watching a "storm chasers" special, and they kept mentioning omaha and nebraska.

i leaned over to john and asked:

is nebraska a state?

please note that i studied history/social studies/and geography in college.

and today, my boss asked me to hand her a thick stack of plain printer paper. and all i could do was stare and nod. i had forgotten what paper was.

let me repeat that. I HAD FORGOTTEN WHAT PAPER WAS.

god help us.

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