Friday, January 2, 2009


how I spent my new years eve:

I worked 8-5. during this time, i let a wheelchair bound homeless woman who had a beard use our office restroom. I don't get concerned when it takes her a while seeing that, well, she's in a wheelchair. about 30 minutes after she leaves, I walk by the restroom to use it. immediately I am knocked down with the foulest smell I have ever been party to. in a crazyily desperate move, I shut the door. but it's too late.

the smell has attached itself to me.

tears in my eyes, I go to my boss and explain the situation. I tell her I don't know what happened in that room...but a large animal may have died in there. she laughs, grabs a medical mask and gloves, and makes the restroom human again. all while I sit and try to febreeze myself free of the fumes.

after work I ate a leftover quesadilla from johns dad. john got home after 10pm, and I was in bed by 10:30.

I missed the ball drop, but john watched it and then came to kiss me happy new year.

I lead an exciting life.

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