Friday, January 30, 2009


today is a day where i need sushi. while i can't enjoy the pure raw fishy love that i ultimately crave, i'm pretty sure that i'm going to have to hit the grocery store to pick up supplies for the rolls that i can enjoy--crab.

john and i really like making sushi together, and honestly, it comes out pretty damn good for two pale white kids; one a natural arkansan and the other from...ugh, texas. don't think less of us because he's from texas. he can't help it.

anyway, we haven't made sushi together in FOREVER. actually, since we've been in this house in may. and that's just too long, people.

we both have our roles that are crucial. john prepares the rices over the stove since we don't have a steamer, and i prepare all of the innards and actually roll them. i mean, john can roll them too, but mine are just prettier, you know?

it's not bragging if it's true. or maybe it is. but it is true. whatever.

so i'm thinking that this weekend we may just do this, because I NEED IT. i need the crab and the cucumber and the seaweed and the rice and the wasabi and the soy sauce and the cream cheese (but no msg please. it kills my stomach).

and trust me, my friends, after jonas pops out, there are just 2 things i really want. a beer and raw fish. and i don't even really like beer. but man...i've been craving one like crazy (in the non-alcoholic person sort of way).


did anyone watch the today show while the olympics where on this summer? i watched it every morning, and one day they did a special about traditional chinese treats. i really thought nothing of it until last week when it hit me...i needed the carmalized sugar-coated fresh fruit on a stick.

google it. it's AMAZING LOOKING.

the end.

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