Wednesday, January 14, 2009

determination--we will either find a way or make. --hannibal

1. so the lady who made me cry on the phone before christmas because her appointment had to be rescheduled came in today.

2. she gave me biscotti.

3. and now all is well and we're bffs.

4. for the record, jonas is NOT named after the singing trio of brothers.

5. we got the name in our hearts from weezer.

6. and that makes a HUGE difference.

7. so the house we loved fell through. the bank took an offer hours before ours was in.

8. we're bummed.

9. but, we're hopeful because we found so many other houses that may be EVEN BETTER!

10. we get to see zach and carole this weekend because


12. i'm serious, this biscotti is the shit.

13. i think it's odd that words like "shit" can be used in any context. you know, "it's hot as shit" "it's colder than shit out here", etc etc

14. not that i curse.

15. okay. i do.

16. our puppy may be the best dog on earth.

17. i'm so excited to eat lunch!

18. gas-x is a god amongst drugs.

19. i forgot my glasses today.

20. oh well...biscotti!


Beverly said...

you are absolutely hilarious! i SO love your personality and wit!

wendy said...

thanks, beverly!