Monday, January 12, 2009

conversations from inside a police car

on saturday, i got to do my weekly ride-along with johnny. there were the usual stops, but, BUT this day, we had some excitement. drunken men at a bar/grill in rogers means fight time. we got to run code (aka go REALLY FAST WITH LIGHTS AND SIRENS through the city) and john got to search a bad guy.

and then he put him in the back of the car. john's car. MY car. and john left to do some important things involving the situation.

at first, the bad guy thought i was a boy, i think. i was wearing a stocking hat, coat, and no make-up, so it's an easy mistake. but john asked me how i was doing, and the bad guy noticed that i was a girl, so he decided to play nice and chat me up.

he let me know that john was doing a first-rate job, not going overboard but also not slacking off. also, he just didn't understand how he got in the back of the car.

he also smelled like he bathed in vodka and beer.

but now i have a new friend...drunken smelly guy. bff's!


Jaye T. said...

Full lights & speeding in a cop car is a lot of fun; I only experienced it once with Aaron. :( I always heard the stores of when Aaron used to get to run the lights and speed through town. :) Enjoy your time with John on the ride-alongs.

A said...

We're all adrenaline junkies.