Saturday, January 3, 2009


I had been lucky that during my pregnancy, I really hadn't experienced heartburn. yes yes, if I had jalapenos on my subway sandwich I would undoubtly feel it burning hours later. but, I just stopped having them. and everything was great.

everything was great until two weeks ago, that is. that's when the planets lined up in in such a manner where the world was against me. night after night, hell, even during the day, I was dying. my chest was on fire...and there was no quelching it. last night I finally looked up what caused this internal damnation.

my love for fresh salads with vinegarettes, tomatoes, spaghetti, orange juice, chocolate chip cookies, and mashed potatoes are all to blame.

I'm not sure if someone hacked into this site and listed only the foods that I eat right now...but all I know is that this is a sick, sick joke. it's just wrong. i'd feel better if it had just mentioned greasy foods, spicy foods, copious amounts of alcohol...but my salads? my mashed potatoes?

I'm not amused.

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