Wednesday, January 14, 2009


so our wonderful friends, zach and carole, got engaged during easter weekend in march. we all got to be there for it, and within a few months, they came up for our wedding festivities, we attended their engagement party, and life was grand. the weekend of their engagement party i "picked out" my bridesmaid dress i would be wearing for the wedding.

and then two weeks later we discover that i'm pregnant. so all plans change, and the dress i had chosen was not going to work for a woman who was going to be 6 months pregnant at the time of the wedding. i decided to wait until october to pick out the dress and order it just because it would hopefully give me a little bit more idea how large and in charge i would be in january. so i tried on the size of dress that i would have worn if i wasn't pregnant (because it was flowy and empire, it didn't matter that i was 3 months pregnant)and we decided to go up two sizes, with the mindset that i would take it in if i needed to.

well, i needed to. i took it by them a couple weeks ago, and they called me yesterday to say that it was just too big--and that they had the next two smaller sizes for me to try on.

i did. and it fit. the original size.

oh're killing me.

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