Monday, December 1, 2008


small, evil being growing inside of me...let's have a heart to heart.

you had been acting wonderfully the past few days. infact...i felt BETTER than i did when i wasn't pregnant. infact!! if i didn't know i was pregnant, and felt you flutter around, and didn't grunt a little when picking up my towel from the floor...i could have sworn that you didn't even exist. i even searched the internet about the odds of having a miscarriage and no sign of it (not possible, fyi) because i was feeling THAT awesome inside and was getting seriously worried.

and then this morning, you went and just had to make a statement. at 5:35am, my little monster, you woke me up by choking me on my own vomit as i slept.

wtf. that's just screwed up. not only was it vomit, but it was the WORST kind--straight bile.


just wait til you get out of that little hidey hole you're lounging in. you are SO getting the atomic elbow, wwf style.


Jasmine said...

You can have a miscarriage and not know it.

After the cells divide into a blastocyst and starts to embed...after it starts to embed it "eats" the tissue where it will attach and start to transform into a baby. IF something is wrong with the blastocyst then it will die off... this results in a missed period, sore breasts, aching back, and sometimes even nauseau- but those are sometimes weeks after the miscarriage.... all after the fact.

Some people do have miscarriages and never know it.

wendy said...

oh, i was meaning that no visible signs like bleeding/spotting, severe cramping that would be more associated with a pregnancy that's further along (past the first tri-mester).