Monday, December 22, 2008

uh oh.

this morning we had our ultrasound...and got to see our beautiful monster baby. the very first image we saw of the monster was a full on face-completely surreal.

i get a weekly email from a website called that tells me basically what's going on with the baby that week. part of the information that's included is the baby's approx. height and weight. on sunday it told me all about how the monster was about 10.5 oz, and around 10 inches long. imagine my surprise when the technician told me today that our baby weighed ONE POUND. ONE POUND. OMG OUR BABY IS GINORMOUS.

so, our due date got pushed up a little from may 10th to may 4th, which is FINE BY ME. seriously. A OKAY.

oh yeah, and i threw up DURING the ultrasound. just because i'm that classy.

but from what they say, the monster looks healthy, has all the important parts and they're working. we are opening the envelope wednesday morning to find out if it's a jonas or a loreli, and then telling our families the next day (and our friends!).

peace and love and baby parts,


Candice Houston said...

I will be awaiting a facebook announcement at midnight on Tuesday!

Captured Moments by Kim said...

oh i can't wait!! I'll be anxious to find out what the baby is. I love the names. Were you relieved it was only 1 monster in there?

wendy said...

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW RELIEVED I WAS. and yes, i meant to have all caps on that. haha

but seriously, IF there had been more than one would have been amazing. but, i'm not going to lie and say i wasn't happy there was just one :)