Wednesday, December 17, 2008

shiny happy people

i overslept this morning.

i'm not talking like i overslept by 30 minutes or anything. i'm talking that i woke up 2 minutes after i was supposed to be at the office.

this is no bueno. luckily, i didn't get in trouble or anything, and they understood. i guess it helps that i usually get her 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes late getting things prepped for the next day.

we did the wedding ring test today on one of the girls at work who is getting engaged within the next month or so. it didn't move. so to make sure that it was working, we did it to me...and worked. and then did it to another co-worker, and it showed both of her girls. amy got a little upset at first, but then said that she had always wanted to adopt several kids if she wasn't able to have any herself.

even though she tried to play it off, i still felt like a debbie downer.

another office got us a present for christmas (we get two or three gifts a day)...and it was the best gift eva. a keylime and white godiva chocolate liquer cheesecake with white godiva chocolate curls on top.

ignore the giant wendy face print in the center of the cake.

um, and john is pretty snazzy. i craved a side salad from mcdonalds with balsamic vinegarette dressing--mainly because i CRAVE vinegar and sour things still. we got home, and it was stinking italian dressing, and i didn't want to eat the salad anymore. i know. i'm a baby. but i'm not going to ingest calories if i don't like the taste of something, you know? so john made me salted, buttered popcorn. and my heart exploded for him.

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Candice Houston said...

Men have to get it, and he does!