Wednesday, December 31, 2008

queen-sized hell

something strange has happened since being pregnant. this little (hardy har har...who am i kidding, he's huge. can i get an epidural now?) baby has taken over the entire queen-sized bed.

frankly, this hasn't really affected zeus or myself much, but poor john. poor, poor john. he's done run out of space.

i truly do feel bad about this, and it's gotten increasingly worse since christmas day when i got THE PILLOW THAT SAVED MY LIFE. i never knew what sleep was until i used THE PILLOW. and now, there's no turning back. the PILLOW is very, very large...and i basically wrap it around my pathetic pregnant body until the pain stops throbbing everywhere and i unknowingly pass out, cold.

unfortunately for john, this means that jonas has decided to take the middle and diagonal portion of the bed. and since jonas has made that decision, i have to follow suit. we're sort of attached at the uterus at the moment. so this means that i have woken up to hands pressing against my face in a good-hearted attempt to push me back to sort of my side, just so my poor husband can breathe (and stay on the bed). don't worry...i gave him full permission to roll my increasingly rotund self to anywhere he needs me to be so that he can cling to what's left of the bed.

god bless the john. and the big tv. and salami.

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Candice Houston said...

I remember this! Oh yes!
John is a nice guy!