Thursday, December 4, 2008


please send out your thoughts and prayers to my friend karen. i've spoken about her before, mainly about the problems that she has been having with her pregnancy. she's a month a head of me (about 22 weeks), and today the worst has come. she has lost the baby.

pray for her soul to be comforted after what has been an already been a devestating few months for her. she knows that God is good and doesn't give us more than He knows we can handle...i just wish that this wasn't part of her path. pray for her husband and for their adoptive son...pray that they have the words needed so that this young boy can understand. pray for the needed comfort, support, and strength that their church home here in fayetteville can provide for them.

she's a painfully optimistic person, whose amazing faith in God is almost hard to comprehend. she's struggling right now because she doesn't understand why God needed this to happen, especially He knows her ability to love and cherish a disabled child. she knows that she wont be able to understand it now...and understands that she may never be able to.

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