Tuesday, December 23, 2008

no soup for you.

today at work, we had a Christmas lunch from Panera (various panini's and soups to choose from) and gifts given to us from the bosses. it was great to talk and have fun with my co-workers while sitting in the front room eating lunch.

after lunch, we had to hustle to get everything cleaned up because patients started to pour in. a new patient came and sat at the table to fill out some paperwork. she asked me if she was sitting in someone's spot because there were three unopened bowls of soup on the table. i apologized for the mess, and went to grab the bowls of soup and spoons.

i picked them up, and the phone started to ring. i put the soups on the front counter and ran around the side to grab the phone.

a mother of one of our problem patients, who frankly, i hate to say it, is complete white trash AND annoying, AND try to get as much free as they can CAME TO THE FRONT DESK AND STARTED TO PILFER THROUGH THE SOUP AND WHILE I'M ON THE PHONE TOLD ME SHE'D TAKE THE POTATO SOUP. i looked at her like, are you f'ing kidding me? and tossed her a spoon. i immediately took the other soup to the fridge for the girls who were saving them for later.

the woman took our freaking soup.

she's also the sort of person that will see you on the phone, and will TALK to you the entire time. because i'm usually in the front, i don't have any sort of escape route--i'm the barrier between the mother and everyone in the back. they don't want her back there because all she does is TALK TALK TALK and annoy everyone back there. so i have to guard the door.


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