Wednesday, December 31, 2008

memorable moments of 2008

in a loose chronological certain order, here's a list of some of the "highlights" of this past year:

john recovers from eye surgery
search for church and pastor to officiate wedding begins
is at this point hired by state police department, waiting for rogers

john is geared up to leave for 6 months to go to state police academy, but calls rogers one more time to tell them he has to know because he's leaving that weekend...and he's hired!
after looking on facebook at justin hart's wedding photos, realize that i KNOW robb, and contact justin for more information
attend vintage for first time, and we both fall in love

got to take part in zach and carole's engagement at the lake house
john is sworn in by rogers police department, high-fives mayor.

wedding feva'

we move into current house with jamie, our faithful roommate

had amazing bachelor/bachelorette parties thrown by amazing friends
got married at a beautiful chapel infront of those we love
played "bible trivia" for the next two days

adjustment to married life
faithful roommate jamie and lovely girlfriend sarah move to colorado

start weight lose regiment and lost 7 or 8 pounds quickly
went to a delayed (but amazing!!) engagement party for zach and carole
reading a positive pregnancy test
telling John that we really needed to go to walmart for more tests
taking the blood test to REALLY confirm pregnancy

told friends and family that SURPRISE! wendy can't count ovulation days.
john's turned 24
first real prenatal appointment

taking a honeymoon cruise...with john's parents. :)
i turn 24

thanksgiving yummy time

discover that our little monster is all boy
spent time with family and friends during christmas

i'm so thankful for the events of this year...there's been hard times and great times and times i'd rather forget (red velvet cake, anyone?). but i've been blessed (despite the red velvet cake).

happy new year to all of you!

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