Monday, December 8, 2008

just call me officer pregnant chick

saturday night i got to experience my first ride-along with one officer j. alexander. and let me just tell you was the most thrilling 8 hours of my life!!!

while we didn't have any big calls, he let me help choose who to pull over, let me give my input on suspect behavior, and even offered to let me (YES ME!!!) turn on the lights and sirens. unfortunately, when the time actually came for me to do this, i got stage fright and didn't want to screw anything up.

i informed him that i had his back if he needed me to taser anyone or, you know, throw them aganist the hood and cuff 'em. he respectably declined my offer, muttering something about needing training. TRAINING, SCHMAINING...that's what i say to that.

but seriously, i had an amazing saturday...from him waking me up so he could make me breakfast, to sitting by the fire, to looking at cribs and changing tables, to fighting crime (taking out one scum-sucker after another).

thanks, john! you're the best friend a girl can have.


Sarah said...

wendy you crack me up! i would really love to see you throw someone on the hood of a car. i really would.

Candice Houston said...

Kickin' ass! You go Wendy!