Friday, December 19, 2008


maybe it's because it's friday.
maybe it's because i'm getting CUTE new glasses.
maybe it's because i'm wearing maternity jeans, and am enjoying the comfort of not having a zipper or button on them.

maybe it's all of that and more that's making me get SO excited about this coming week starting, oh, now. in a little bit jasmine and the little man will be in fayetteville and we'll go do, i don't know..whatever. later tonight, i'm eating with the parents and looking at christmas lights. and even later, after john's home, we're probably going to a christmas party (if it's still going on that late).

saturday we're buying all our christmas gifts. and i think i'm doing another ride along.

sunday is church! and grandma's spaghetti. and nap time for wendy while john works.

monday is THE ultrasound where our little monster better end up being a SINGLET, or i may need to take stock in valium. then it's work, eh. buuuuuuuut at 10pm is john's shift party--at FASTLANES!!!

tuesday is

AND WEDNESDAY MORNING WE FIND OUT WHAT THE BABY IS!!! and then i get to get things ready for our parents for christmas when we tell them! and then while john works, i go with my parents for presents at grandpa's first, and then grandma's.

and thursday is CHRISTMAS!!!

friday i sleep.
saturday too. and maybe ride along.
sunday is church and sleeping.
and monday and tuesday we head to russellville.
wednesday i work (yup, new years eve).
and thursday i sleep.
friday i work again.


SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. and somewhere in there, i'm getting my damn fabulous glasses.


Sarah said...

hey don't forget about sushi! even if zach and carole can't come we still need to do it! :)

Candice Houston said...

And on WED we will be messaging Candice immediately to tell her if it is a he or she monster!
You girls have fun!
Your new glasses are chic!