Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i'm a wimp and hormonal

that's a line from an email i just sent lori, my boss.

and now for the backstory--

the beginning of last week, i was asked to push a pt who was scheduled for today to the pending appt page. lori told me that the case wasn't ready, and that she was going to do some investigating on it and then let me know what was up. i never heard anything back from lori, so i just assumed that she had taken care of everything.

well, i guess there had been some miscommunication. around 9:15 or so, our pt called to tell me that she was running late for her 10am appt...and i realized that she wasn't on the schedule. i told her to hold for just a moment, and waddled to the back to ask the girls what was going on. they told me that her case wouldn't be ready for another 3 to 4 weeks...and so i went back to apologize my pregnant receptionist butt off to the patient.

who didn't take it well. at all. and chewed me out for about, oh, 15 minutes atleast about how her husband died last year and she has all these animals to tend to, yada yada yada. i tried to find a time that would work to reschedule her, and made it for january 12th...4 weeks out. after hours, even, because she's a teacher in huntsville, so the drive is decent.

i got off the phone and re-confirmed that with the girls...and they said, oh. um. the 19th would be better.

and i just looked at them and said, "i can't call that woman again to push it back farther."

so i sent an email to lori, my boss, and in it, explained my confusion, and what had just gone down. and then i added that i was a wimp and hormonal, and cannot bring myself to have someone talk very harshly to me again when i know it's coming. i just can't do it.

please, let her call the patient. ahhhh.

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Candice Houston said...

Yuck, I am sorry. That is so sad. I am here for you to be wimpy to. Everyone is a wimp sometime. It is Ok!
You are allowed a bad day.
Love you!