Sunday, December 21, 2008


a couple of weeks ago, the monster baby decided that it needed some of grandmas leftover rolls. not just needed but NEEDED. I heated them up, but when I tried to eat one, I about broke my jaw. the rolls were all hard as rocks--beyond stale.

yesterday I was driving through rogers, and a church on the corner had changed their marquee. the new one said the bread of life never goes stale.

let me say that again...

the bread of life never goes stale.

I was immediately brought back to that day in the kitchen, where I was near tears (hey, I'm pregnant here) about stale rolls. it made me think-how often is what we bring to God not our best? how often do we let ourselves dry up, and leave Him nothing but stale crumbs. I'll speak for myself and just say right now that it happens way too often.

i dont want God to look into my heart and find nothing appealing there. I want my life to always be fresh and delightful for Him.


Candice Houston said...

Well said, sister. Well said!

ness said...

and on a completely unrelated note, I can tell you how to rescue stale rolls:

boil water on the stove and put a grate of some kind over a cheese grater or a strainer or anything flat that holes in it. Then just set your stale item over the steam for a little bit...the steam will moisten the bread again...just don't leave it on too long and make it mushy.

: )

brought to you by the cheapest human on the planet.