Wednesday, December 10, 2008

double shot

we have this new, nifty little coffee maker at work that we're are testing out. you open the lid, pop a single serving container of the beverage of your choice, and it brews it wonderfully hot into your cup. the coffee is all flavored, the coco is too...and it makes flavored teas as well.

it's tidy, easy, precise, and the complete anti-thesis of our "real" coffee maker.

with our "real" coffee maker, i'm in charge of making sure everything goes the right way. i change the filters, add the 1.5 packages of coffee grounds, clean the coffee pots, prepare the water for the next day, clean up everyone's coffee mess, and make sure it's constantly filled and piping hot.

it's messy, difficult (as coffee can be), and it can be hard to measure exactly how strong it should be.

while the quick and tidy machine won the hearts of many at first, in the end, i think we're giving it back. there's something just not right about it...and there's something so right about the messy process of the other that just is endearing.

i hope that's how Christ views us. i like to think that He enjoys the messy, difficult, unmeasurable people that we are because every day, every minute is different. i think He'd get bored if we were tidy, easy to deal with, and did everything perfectly. i'm glad that God loves me in my gritty texture, my bitter moments, when i'm too weak, when the balance is off. He's there to clean me up and make sure i'm fulfilled for the next day.

God is good.


Candice Houston said...

OK, I totally needed this.
And it was a COFFEE analogy.
I think I love you.
Really, this was awesome!

Sadie said...

I like this Wendy. And I really like those magical coffee pots and would consider getting one for myself if they weren't freaking expensive.
I too am glad that God loves me in my mess, because Lord knows I am a mess. But I think part of his love for us involves him desiring that we move on, that we do not stay where we are, that we change. That's what I've been working on, accepting that I am a mess, and then asking God to help me clean myself up a little.