Thursday, December 4, 2008


i have this huge fear that people don't think that i'm a good mama-to-be. HUGE ANXIETY.

i dye my hair. i drink caffiene. i eat deli meat. wait...there's more.

my grandma and i ALMOST got into a fist fight last night. we were shopping at target, and i was showing her all the little baby things that i thought were cute. there were some onesies, and some jammies, that were robot print, and some more that had dinos on them. she thought they were cute if we were having a boy. we then had a heated discussion about what colors babies should/could wear.

and i about lost it. i'm tired of people making me feel bad because i don't fit into the whole "cutesy" mom stuff. i don't like the idea of having to put a child in a certain color or pattern. it's a ONESIE for crying out loud. it'll be covered in vomit and poop in about 15 minutes. and i think it's perfectly wonderful if you do dress your infant son in only brown and blue and red. and i think it's perfectly wonderful if you want to dress your baby girl in pinks and purples.

but that's not me. so why should i get more or less bitched at because i like robots and dinosaurs and trucks?

wait, there's more.

i also have this huge fear when people ask me about my diet, pre-natal vitamins, weight, when i'm due, etc.

for the record, i actually eat really well. i usually have orange juice and or cottage cheese before work, a salad and soup for lunch, and a lot of the time left overs or salad/soup type stuff for dinner. i drink a lot of water, but i also have hot tea (and herbal tea!! omg, it's lethal.), and sodas when i want one.

for the record, i stopped taking pre-natal vitamins. they made me feel HORRIBLE. i was more lethargic, sick, pissy attituded when i was on them. so i stopped taking them a couple weeks ago. i started just taking a flintstone chewable...and guess what? i'm happier in this pregnancy than i have ever, ever been.

there's more. but i'm done for now.


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Candice Houston said...

You are enough. You will do a great job of being Wendy the mom, just like you do at being Wendy the Wendy!