Sunday, December 7, 2008


it's the one time of year that I dread music at church. it's not because I hate it. it couldn't be further from it.

the music breaks me so, so much. I was okay today, and then I heard it...oh holy night. it's my favorite son of all time. and it's the leader in only a handful of songs that cause me not to cry, but to weep.

and it's always slightly embarrassing, and I wish I could explain what exactly it is that brings me to my knees. I guess the easiest way I can explain it is that I feel God in those minutes more than I do at any other time. and I'm just so overcome with gratitude, and beauty, and love, and fear that it's all I can do not to fall down to the ground and bow. so I stand there, voice cracking and smearing tears across my face.

the power of God is so awesome.

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Candice Houston said...

That song does it to me too! (Could you tell?)