Tuesday, December 2, 2008

blah blah blah

1. i'm a dancing fool. i know, i know. looking at me, you'd never guess it. but i LOVE dancing in public places where you are supposed to dance.

2. with that said...i am not good at dancing. and nor do i care. i will flail my body about, and all is well.

3. one time, while out dancing with a friend, some guy dedicated a song to me.

4. that song was "i'm in love with a stripper".

5. no, i didn't look like a stripper. i was wearing shorts, a dirt-stained baseball t-shirt, pig-tails, and chucks. but he really thought he was getting somewhere with that.

6. give me a number with multiple digits in it, and i will memorize it for life. i'm like rainman in that sense.

7. i really love chinese food. especially general tso's chicken.

8. i cannot wait until i can eat raw fish again. this fake/cooked sushi thing is tasty, but nothing beats raw fish.

9. i make REALLY good sushi rolls. i can't cook many things that well (john disagrees with me), but i make the best homemade sushi that a non-japanese person can make.

10. i also make delicious tomato soup from scratch that can double as a tasty pasta sauce.

11. i am addicted to mtv's true life. i love seeing people who are possibly more screwed up than i am on tv. delicious.

12. i also am addicted to the white raspberry green tea we have at work...it's so hot and tasty.

13. my main food aversion during this pregnancy has been beef. and that sucks because I LOVE MEAT.

14. but, after i have the kiddo, i think that i will revert back to a mainly vegetarian diet...allowing some fish, ground turkey, and chicken breast in.

15. i have a healthy respect for nutella. and by that, i mean i have to skip the aisle that it's in or i will eat it from the shelf.

16. i've been craving a peanut butter and strawberry preserves sandwich for three weeks. i've held off because i don't want to go buy jam and peanut butter.

17. we turned the heat on for the first REAL time last night. i almost didn't know what to do with myself it was so toasty.

18. i like to paint. i'm not any good at it, but i've decorated my house with my paintings anyway.

19. our house is CRAZY.

20. but so are we.

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Kim J said...

I love General Tso's chicken too, just so you know :)
Love ya girl!