Sunday, December 14, 2008

being pregnant is such a surreal experience. it's wonderful, uncomfortable, gross, and incredible all at the same time. feeling your child move inside of you, kick you, respond to is unbelievable. thinking about the possibilities for your unborn child, wondering about their future and who they will become boggles the mind.

and then I think about Mary. I can't help but feel a bond with this amazing woman...the only woman in the history and future of the world that God knew would be able to do it. I mean, this teenaged girl gave birth to Jesus. she kissed the face of God. she had to raise this boy to become a watch Him be spit on, mocked, beaten, crucified. God knew her strength, her faith, her heart. I can't imagine what my reaction will be the first time my baby, my love, has to feel pain. and yet, she was able to give her child up to carry the burden of the world.


Candice Houston said...

I know, Mary is mind blowing, is she not...I love that verse from this morning..She hels all these things in her heart." she is an awesome role model.

Kim J said...

I just want to say "thank you" to you. I never got to experiance the miracle of childbirth and Because you are writing about it in your Blog, I am getting to experiance it thru you! I love reading about what you are going thru ( good and bad) and I can't wait to see you! Hope its sometime soon!
Love you!
Cousin Kim