Friday, November 7, 2008


yesterday as i was driving to rogers to pick up crushed cadaver bone (i have the coolest job ever!!!), i decided that i officially hated my hair and that frankly, either it needed to grow 12 inches that day OR be cut off.

so i messaged jasmine, and she cut off my hair. and i love it. it's amazing and cute and i don't have to do anything to it if i don't want to.

it's been a bit since we've hung out, and i'm thankful for that. well, didn't that sound crappy?

i meant to say that i'm thankful that she understands that i'm the person who gets EXTREME anxiety when i'm constantly around people. i can be in a busy place all day, but when i have to be grouped in the same area with people for very long, i get very smothered and overwhelmed...and i tend to freak out a little. it usually comes off as me being emotional and/or rude, but it's really me just knowing that if i DON'T get away from everyone, i will not be able to function.

i'm promise i'm not super insane.

so i'm glad for the jasmine's, the carole's, the john's, etc., who understand that about me. it may make me out of pocket here and there...but i promise i'm still there for you.


Jasmine said...

I appreciate your post. We've had a past of distrust and hurt.... and regardless of past or present circumstance- it is always good to keep trying.



Kim J said...

This post is useless with out pictures of your cute new "do"..
I totally "Get" your need for aloneness.. just so you know!