Sunday, November 30, 2008

shift change

it's shift change weekend at johns work. usually it isn't a big deal, but this one is the hard shift change. he's going from working 10p-6a and sleeping until 3 or 4pm to working 2-10p and sleeping normal hours.

it's hard because we won't see eachother everyday, have dinner everynight like we are used to. it's hard for me, the unsocial butterfly that I am, because it means a lot of time alone at home. yes, we will sleep in the same bed at the same time...but we won't get to spend the quality time that we have grown used to. it means that we are going to be even more anti social because his days off are Monday and Tuesday night.


I know that this doesn't really matter to any of you. it's just going to be a hard two months. I can't wait until February.

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ness said...

this sounds like a serious bummer. I can see why you are dreading it.

maybe it won't be so bad...I mean..if he's headed home at 10 p.m., that's prime snacking time....and very easy for him to stop at Long John Silvers on the way home...