Monday, November 24, 2008


so maybe i'm just a strangely built pregnant chick, but i've gone through what i feel like is a strange progression with clothes the past 4 months. (ack, i'm 4 months pregnant!)

pretty quickly into the pregnancy, my normal jeans would kill me and i'd have to have john lube me up with butter just to get them off because OMG I COULDN'T FEEL MY LEGS the waist band was so tight. i bought a bella band, used hair ties, got maternity jeans...

and now? and now i'm sitting here at work in my regular jeans. comfy as can be. my belly is bigger...maybe it feels okay now because it sort of hangs over my pants in that especially sexy way?

all i know is that i had to get longer shirts. when we were in okc a few weeks ago, i slept in a long sleeve shirt that was a little short and showed my belly by a couple inches. that was fine to sleep in, but when i went downstairs for breakfast, i threw on the tee i had brought to wear that day. all i know is that MORE of my belly was hanging out, and that john laughed at me when i said, "damn. that sucks."

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Silvy said...

i think the way your clothes are fitting is very normal. babies start by growing near your hip and by week 20 they sit right under your belly button, so as the baby is getting higher and higher your pants start to fit again. i hear you on the longer shirts, though! luckily long empire waisted shirts are in style so you don't have to just wear maternity clothes! :)