Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the perils of childbirth sans technology

i found out today that a friend, who is due in the beginning of april, is back on bedrest. she's been on bedrest throughout this pregnancy 2 other times, has had shingles during it, and other complications. she has to go in weekly for an ultrasound just to ensure that the baby is still alive.

i feel so many different emotions towards her--saddness that she is experiencing little joy during this pregnancy, ease that mine is going pretty smoothly except for embarrassing parking lot vomiting, and amazement about technology.

if we were in our same situations 50 to 100 years ago...her baby would be lost and if she did make it to full term, karen would possibly die during childbirth just because her body can't take the continual strain.

it kills me that i can't even begin to wrap my head around technology today. they can do a dna test on a fetus, they can perform surgery on the baby still in the womb (i watch house), they can tell you what your baby is going to look like, and the possiblity of deformities and defects.

i can barely check my email. and defragment what? where's the on button?

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