Sunday, November 2, 2008

on being pregnant and pro-choice

ever since I was old enough to understand the argument of pro-life and pro-choice (my youngest recollection is around age 11), I've been decidedly pro-choice. throughout the years, the topic would come up, I'd say my opinion, and would be told that ofcourse I'd say that...I've never had a child, never carried one. just wait until you do, I was told. apparently my mind would be instantly changed.

and then I got married, and very quickly got pregnant (within the first month). and you know, while I'd die for my child, the one I'm carrying and helped create, there is no way in help that I, you, some man, or the government should be able to tell me or any woman what they are allowed to do with their body. if a woman decides that that is the route she must take, then no one can judge her but God.

I believe that there are women who abuse abortion, taking poor choices they made one night to get a quick fix. but I believe that there are other women, ones who may die because of the pregnancy, ones who have to sacrifice one baby to save another, ones who were raped, ones who were forced into incestal relationships...

I'm bringing this up becuase it was the topic at Sunday lunch with my family today. yeah, while john slept at home, I got to hear the abortion discussion. woohoo.

anyway, off soapbox. comments are probably going to be heavily monitored or closed because frankly, you have your own wonderful space to write whatever you choose there.