Saturday, November 29, 2008

my eyes, oh god my eyes

yesterday began the much needed house cleaning that I've been putting off oh...since I got pregnant. sad, I know. but I would get off work and sleep 14 hours, and the times I was still awake, I spent with john because frankly, we don't see a lot of eachother due to work.

so we began to work. and we actually got almost all of it finished. we set up our tree (it's so pretty...everyone should come see it!) and I started a fire in the fireplace.

and then john went and bought all new lightbulbs. instead of going for our usual low wattage, he went overboard and not only bought energy saving bulbs (which I LOVE) but also got 70watt bulbs. it is so damn bright in our house that if you accidently look up into the light, your retinas burn a little. it is like looking directly at a solar eclipse, or maybe even close to looking at the face of God.

I'm not kidding. it really hurts.

I'm hoping that this era of super brightness will fade some once the bulbs are burned for a little bit. actually, I'm not hoping--I'm willing it to happen via ESP.

excuse me while I go find my sunglasses.

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