Saturday, November 1, 2008

good day!

today my mom and I went to target to do some shopping, and I was on the look out for maternity jeans. when we got there, she made me try on everything I thought was cute...and so I did.

I just didn't realize she was going to get it all for me. I was completely awesome and a huge surprise!

we also looked at cribs since they're getting us one, and she liked the bedding I want. we also discussed how I want to decorate our Christmas tree...I'm just getting so excited!

john and I had sushi for dinner...and ate like 2 bites before we were stuffed. so we brought it home, and I'm getting ready to break in to yet.

ooooooooo for my birthday, john got me the latest David Sedaris book, when you are engulfed in flames. he is my favorite essayist, so I was completely stoked (and halfway through the book). I'm just glad that my sedaris collection is complete again- j don't like getting behind on his stuff :)

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ness said...

ok, i'm hearing about Sedaris everywhere, so I guess I need to read something by him.....

it's so nice that Target makes maternity clothes. Would it be bad to get pregnant just so I could wear them? I wore Robb's flannel shirts for my entire pregnancy with Mattie and I felt so ugly.