Monday, November 3, 2008

fast times at ridgemont high

1. i love that movie. moreover...i have a crush on sean penn. weird, i know.

2. i'm seriously over (hear that, monster fetus?? OVER) throwing up, or even dry-heaving. yup. done.

3. i think that we get to find out the sex at our December pre-natal appointment. i'll be 19 weeks at it, so it should be good to go. let's hope the best! because damnit, i need to know what this now medium-shrimp monster is.

4. still losing weight, yet...look like i've gained lots because of the now non-hiding bump.

5. still a little nervous about the idea of moving right before the baby comes. if it's in april or beginning of may, it really doesn't matter a whole lot because frankly, i'll be approximately 742 weeks pregnant, and i'll be napping and/or drinking iced tea during the duration of it. (while i sucked at planning everything else...this is working in my lazy favor).

6. my new clothes are beautiful. and my favorite thing is my new chicken shirt. i promise it's not quite as tacky as it sounds.

7. the new target opening soon in rogers makes me happy in my pants.

8. a man wearing both a pocket protector and a jamician hat just walked by. twice.

9. don't order the guitar hero snack box at kfc. to borrow john's borrowing of a jamie-ism...i was underwhelmed.

10. i need to chew better. i just swallowed 3/4s of a yellow starburst (i know...yellow..ew.) and it really didn't feel so fantastic.

11. we missed church sunday because john got off work late (like, 730 am) and worked the night before for 12 he slept in the guest room and i accidently fell asleep in the middle of getting ready for church because...well, because i suck.

12. we wont be at church THIS sunday either because we're in OKC visiting friends/being carole's grunt work for their wedding in january...the wedding in which i will be gloriously 6 months pregnant.

13. i feel guilty about missing church.

14. but, you know, i think Jesus himself took some time off or got sleepy once in a while.

15. maybe not. but atleast i don't turn over cages of birds infront of the temple.

16. john isn't joining the couples group at church after long thought...for various reasons that include things like expired vehicle tags and shift changes at work.

17. people of vintage, i beg of you, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CAR TAGS ARE UP TO DATE. good grief...he about has a seizure everytime we pull into the parking lot. he likes to believe that Jesus would have current tags. i believe that Jesus would rollerblade everywhere. that's where we differ.

18. i also like to think that Jesus would wear a tuxedo t-shirt. because he's classy...but also likes to party.

19. i just laughed out loud after typing that.

20. where's UPS? did they move it? i drove for an HOUR today trying to find it...and i swear it moved from it's location in springdale off robinson because IT WAS NOT THERE. and i used to go there weekly. i finally decided to screw it and use FedEx. they have better marketing anyway.


Jasmine said...

when you wrote... john likes to think jesus would have updated tags... I laughed aloud- for some reason it reminded me of Talladega Nights.
The scene were they are 'prayin' to tiny infant baby jesus...'

I'm weird

Aaron said...

Yeah, um, UPS is on Huntsville now. They moved about 5 months ago.

Right there with you on the expired tag thing. Stopped a lady Friday night whose tags expired 01/08. Not good.

Missed Johnny A Friday night, although I ran into a brethren of his at BCSO while dropping off a drunk Mexican man who blew .20 and handed me his 40 oz. of Modelo he was drinking WHILE driving when I approached the window of his car.

ness said...


confession is so good for the soul. Do you feel better now for missing church? Don't sweat it...I miss it myself periodically. : )

So Wednesday night is the night for ladies night. I failed to communicate this because hubby had the computer all night....

See you soon : )

wendy said...

yes yes yes...i will see you wednesday, Vanessa.

and that's exactly what i thought too, jasmine.

and aaron, john read your comment and about started to cry because he was laughing so hard!