Thursday, November 20, 2008


i'm reading the blogs of several different pregnant gals, and it's so odd to me the difference between our doctors and how they do things.

while some doctors don't let you color your hair, mine basically said "just don't drink the dye".

while some are getting ultrasounds at 14 weeks to find out the sex, ours said "i don't order them until you're atleast 20 weeks". (i'm guessing this is because if you do it too earlier on, your odds of getting a false result are greater?).

while some are super concerned with regular weight gain, mine basically said "if you lose now, that's great! it's natural. it should happen in a lot of people. you'll gain it later, i promise".

while some are nazi's about what you eat (and what will KILL your baby), mine says "eat your salami. be happy".

while some push and stress for genetic testing, ours sat us down and gave us this...genetic testing is great and necessary if you are in a certain age group, have certain serious genetic disorders in your family, are of the thought that if the baby isn't perfectly healthy that abortion is a possiblity for you. we don't fall into any of these categories, and to us, a baby is a baby. our ultrasound will be able to tell us if monster baby has deformities, spina bifida, etc. and that's all we need to know. he also explained to us that genetic testing isn't absolute. it's only 70% accurate. there are a lot of false positives...and false negatives. you wont know until the baby is here or something goes dreadfully wrong. and the risk of an amnio killing my baby--i don't think so. it's not a risk that we want to take.

while some can't guarentee that they'll be there to deliver your baby...ours does.

i'm just glad that we found to the ob that we did. he makes me feel like i'm actually not screwing this up...and that's a good thing.

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Kim J said...

I am so excited to meet your baby. I'm sure she/he will be the cutest thing ever! You were super cute, so this baby with the added genes of John will be ADORABLE! Can't wait! Hurry up May!!