Tuesday, November 4, 2008

did you know?

That Obama IS a Muslim, its been confirmed...

That if Obama wins, we all better stock up on groceries because WHO knows what will happen!!

That if Obama wins, we wont have electricity anymore (because he wants to use coal)

That if Obama wins, you better FORGET the stock market because the economy is going to crash!!!!! (but if McCain wins, IMMEDIATELY buy stock. it's going go through the ROOF!!!)

That those gays shouldn't be allowed to be foster parents or adopt (they're freaks, don't you know?? they may even turn those kids queer!!!)

these are the things i learned today at lunch with my lovely (not sarcastic...they are lovely) friends from work. i just bit my tongue and ate some more cheese dip.

God bless cheese dip on days like these.


Silvy said...

hahahaha. love it.

Sarah said...

amazing really. i heard the same type of things with all the lovely teachers that i work with. i wanted to ask them to all leave school immediately and not brainwash the children any further.