Sunday, November 16, 2008


I think I've reached the point in pregnancy where I look pregnant and cute.

now, I'm not trying to toot m own horn...because I'm not usually a person who gives myself praise when it comes to looks. but I feel that j have arrived. I'm still pukey, but damnit, I'm looking adorable while doing it. (um--maybe not while actually vomitting).

vanessa told me that the 5th month was the sexy month. I'm still little over a month away from that, but I'm beginning to understand what she was meaning. the libido is back, I still hate cuddling right now though, but I feel better about my body because I've finally realized what it's supposed to do; I'm beginning to get why God made me the way He did. it's embracing what being a woman truly means, not trying to hide anything, and wearing it proudly. I can't hide my ever growing stomach, and I wouldn't want to...because I was created with the mission to bring this life into the world. and I think that's beautiful.

I really hope that our monster is born on it's due date--mothers day. I couldn't think of a better gift (but john, I'm still expecting something :))

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Captured Moments by Kim said...

Ok Miss Wendy.. you really need to be taking a picture of your body profile every month so you can watch yourself grow and I really want to see your cute belly!