Saturday, November 15, 2008

baby baby baby

our appointment went great yesterday!

I got my flu shot (ouchies....I'm really sore today), and we got to listen to the heartbeat again...160 this time! we are in the process of scheduling our ultrasound...we think it's probably going to happen December 22nd. we really hope so, because if we get it that day, we will have them put the gender in an envelope and we will open it together on Christmas eve or day.

wouldn't that be a great gift? of course, we want them to tell us if they can't tell the gender, just so we know.

we are trying to figure out what we want for Christmas. I'm really wanting some baby stuff, but my parents and grandparents both have basically said get things for YOU--they're getting us baby things later. I guess that's a good thing...we will have plenty of time to get things for the baby throughout the pregnancy. I do know my parents are getting us the crib we want, and my grandparents are doing the stroller/baby car seat combo. I'm thinking we will ask johns parents if they wanted to get us another car seat or something else.

I'll be 15 weeks on Sunday, and am growing more each day. sleeping is getting rougher, so I really hope my parents get me the pillow I asked for for Christmas!

I thinky hormones are leveling out a little--I'm still grouchy and get impatient easily. poor john. he still doesn't realize that when I say I'm hungry or need food that it means right then. for some reason, if I don't start eating immediately after I get hungry, I get really sick.

still figuring out holidays as a police family. basically, because of johns schedule, all holidays have to be spent in this area because he will work on them (which, honestly, is okay that he works on them...I'll still get to see him most of those days). we will probably go down to russellville on the days he has off around major holidays that also work with my schedule (for example, we wouldn't go to Russellville for Christmas this year until the Monday and Tuesday after because of my schedule). minor holidays will probably just be rescheduled, and of course his family is always welcome up here for holidays if they want to see john on the actual day.

trust me, it's easier if both families either live close by or no where near you--that way no side feels like their not as important as the other side.

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ness said...

Trust me...get presents for yourself this will be the last time you get ANYTHING!!!!

(but it's fun and all that)

I had that "GET ME FOOD NOW OR I"LL KILL YOU" kind of nausea too. It did eventually morph from "if i don't eat now, I'll throw up" to "If i don't eat now, I'll cry and make you feel really bad."