Wednesday, November 19, 2008


maybe it's just me, but i have never asked a woman if she was pregnant or when she was due.

okay, i take that back. a month ago i was trying to pick out a winter coat at old navy, and was confused about what might work for a growing belly. i asked a woman who was obviously 8 months pregnant (and who was looking at baby clothes) which coat to get.

but the past two weeks, STRANGERS have not only asked when i was due, but have also TOUCHED ME. ON MY BABY. NOT VAGINA. BUT TUMMY. without being told that i was pregnant.

i don't know you...but i for sure know several girls who always look pregnant, but couldn't be farther from it. i've heard people ask them, and they had to tell them while holding back tears that no..they weren't pregnant at all.

i guess i've just never had the balls to touch someone on their torso that i don't know, let alone assume that they are pregnant enough to ask them their due date. maybe this is supposed to be reassuring that i don't look that fat, but more pregnant? (i'm still losing weight, infact, another pound since friday...this is a trend that i could get used to. AND THEN ALL THE BABY WEIGHT WILL HIT ME AT ONCE. OMG. kill me.)

anyway...i'm just shocked at the audacity, balls, cajones, whatever you want to call it.

ps it JUST happened again. and i was told it was going to be a little girl and that i was going to be HUGE when i was at the end of it.



Jaye T. said...

OMG!!!! I'm not sure how I'd respond to someone touching my belly or asking me when I was due. I would hope that I could give them a look that could kill!!! You don't mess with a pregnant lady going through all of these changes, the outcome isn't nice!!! :) So sorry that this is happening to you, I'm sure my time will be coming. One of my friends gave me her maternity clothes & I was very depressed after trying everything on since it all looks so maternity & I don't feel like I should be wearing such things yet. My day is coming, my pants I wear to work aren't fitting as well & my options to wear in the mornings are getting smaller & smaller everyday! I wish I could wear sweat pants & t-shirts to work everyday. I think Aaron would be a little embarrassed if he saw me going to work like that. :)

Sadie said...

Has your OB said anything about your weight loss?

wendy said...

sadie-- this is apparently something that my mom and grandma both experienced as well. they lost weight until about their 5th month, and then gained 20-25 pounds. so at this point, my ob has been okay with it (especially since I'm a big girl to begin with).

:) I'm just glad at this point to not have already gained 20 pounds. it was a huge fear of mine.

Sadie said...

Well I'm glad you're healthy then. I just thought it interesting, because my OB was all about the weight gain. But we fit well together, he and I, because I was one of those women who gained lots of weight, and gained it fast.