Sunday, November 30, 2008

tears for fears

so I'm really over the hormones I'm getting to bathe in right now.

I'm already a highly emotional person. but I would never just cry for no real reason. but watching britney spears's documentary on MTV is killing me. omg seriously. this is just stupid. it's britney spears for crying outloud. and yet I'm here, holding my dog, sobbing for her.


earlier today I cried because john said he and a few guys were going to work out at the gym at the PD after their shift. I wasn't sad bc he was going to work out, but that it would mean that many more hours each day I wouldn't see him. and I miss him already.

please let this be over before the Charlie brown Christmas special comes on tv. I already get misty eyed normally because of it...I can't fathom what it will be like pregnant.

god help us.

shift change

it's shift change weekend at johns work. usually it isn't a big deal, but this one is the hard shift change. he's going from working 10p-6a and sleeping until 3 or 4pm to working 2-10p and sleeping normal hours.

it's hard because we won't see eachother everyday, have dinner everynight like we are used to. it's hard for me, the unsocial butterfly that I am, because it means a lot of time alone at home. yes, we will sleep in the same bed at the same time...but we won't get to spend the quality time that we have grown used to. it means that we are going to be even more anti social because his days off are Monday and Tuesday night.


I know that this doesn't really matter to any of you. it's just going to be a hard two months. I can't wait until February.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

my eyes, oh god my eyes

yesterday began the much needed house cleaning that I've been putting off oh...since I got pregnant. sad, I know. but I would get off work and sleep 14 hours, and the times I was still awake, I spent with john because frankly, we don't see a lot of eachother due to work.

so we began to work. and we actually got almost all of it finished. we set up our tree (it's so pretty...everyone should come see it!) and I started a fire in the fireplace.

and then john went and bought all new lightbulbs. instead of going for our usual low wattage, he went overboard and not only bought energy saving bulbs (which I LOVE) but also got 70watt bulbs. it is so damn bright in our house that if you accidently look up into the light, your retinas burn a little. it is like looking directly at a solar eclipse, or maybe even close to looking at the face of God.

I'm not kidding. it really hurts.

I'm hoping that this era of super brightness will fade some once the bulbs are burned for a little bit. actually, I'm not hoping--I'm willing it to happen via ESP.

excuse me while I go find my sunglasses.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


this is the first thanksgiving that I haven't felt guilty for eating copius amounts of food.

monster baby, I thank you for this. I may regret it in a few hours...but right now I'll wallow in my dressing and pie afterglow a little longer.

Monday, November 24, 2008


so maybe i'm just a strangely built pregnant chick, but i've gone through what i feel like is a strange progression with clothes the past 4 months. (ack, i'm 4 months pregnant!)

pretty quickly into the pregnancy, my normal jeans would kill me and i'd have to have john lube me up with butter just to get them off because OMG I COULDN'T FEEL MY LEGS the waist band was so tight. i bought a bella band, used hair ties, got maternity jeans...

and now? and now i'm sitting here at work in my regular jeans. comfy as can be. my belly is bigger...maybe it feels okay now because it sort of hangs over my pants in that especially sexy way?

all i know is that i had to get longer shirts. when we were in okc a few weeks ago, i slept in a long sleeve shirt that was a little short and showed my belly by a couple inches. that was fine to sleep in, but when i went downstairs for breakfast, i threw on the tee i had brought to wear that day. all i know is that MORE of my belly was hanging out, and that john laughed at me when i said, "damn. that sucks."

Sunday, November 23, 2008


yesterday my mom and I went shopping so I could show her the exact crib we want and also get some more Christmas decorations for the tree. we ended up going ahead and getting the baby bedding then since there was only one left and she was afraid it may be out of stock or discontinued later. they'd buying the crib in the next couple of weeks!!! I'm really excited to see it in person--and I wish we weren't going to be moving so close to my due date becuase i'd love to be able to start getting things all set up.

I made all these pumpkin spice cream cheese filled muffins for church today. I woke up about 3am and didn't sleep again until close to six. so I completely overslept church :(. so crap. now I have a ton of muffins (but johns steadily putting a dent into them).

next weekend is shiftchange. so that means I'll only really see john Monday and Tuesday night...the other nights he will be working until 10. I'm a little sad at this, but I know I'll get used to it in a few weeks. it's the life that we have; we will make those Monday and Tuesday nights (plus any other stolen moments) extra special--with date nights and other fun things.

maybe we can move sooner...that's actually a really promising idea!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


so the baby is moving. weird. I like it but it is such a weird experience.

I spent the night at my parents' house just to hang out...and I'm going to the store in a little bit to get supplies to make some yummy pumpkin and cream cheese filled muffins.

I'm so unusually excited about thanksgiving this year. I guess I'm ready for a vacation from work, seeing family and old friends (omg Sarah applepie and Cari Anne!!!!!! I haven't seen them since the wedding, and before that it had been even longer!!).

I had a dream/nightmare that I WAS hannah montana and miley cyrus. I really hope it was because I had left it on the Disney channel when I fell asleep. if not, I'm scared for myself.

um....that's it! I had pizza for breakfast and it was beautiful.

Friday, November 21, 2008

slip n slide

SOMEONE must have installed a slip n slide in my belly overnight because my stomach is definitely moving by itself. I'm not going to point any fingers...but monster baby, let me know before you do renovations. okay?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


i'm reading the blogs of several different pregnant gals, and it's so odd to me the difference between our doctors and how they do things.

while some doctors don't let you color your hair, mine basically said "just don't drink the dye".

while some are getting ultrasounds at 14 weeks to find out the sex, ours said "i don't order them until you're atleast 20 weeks". (i'm guessing this is because if you do it too earlier on, your odds of getting a false result are greater?).

while some are super concerned with regular weight gain, mine basically said "if you lose now, that's great! it's natural. it should happen in a lot of people. you'll gain it later, i promise".

while some are nazi's about what you eat (and what will KILL your baby), mine says "eat your salami. be happy".

while some push and stress for genetic testing, ours sat us down and gave us this...genetic testing is great and necessary if you are in a certain age group, have certain serious genetic disorders in your family, are of the thought that if the baby isn't perfectly healthy that abortion is a possiblity for you. we don't fall into any of these categories, and to us, a baby is a baby. our ultrasound will be able to tell us if monster baby has deformities, spina bifida, etc. and that's all we need to know. he also explained to us that genetic testing isn't absolute. it's only 70% accurate. there are a lot of false positives...and false negatives. you wont know until the baby is here or something goes dreadfully wrong. and the risk of an amnio killing my baby--i don't think so. it's not a risk that we want to take.

while some can't guarentee that they'll be there to deliver your baby...ours does.

i'm just glad that we found to the ob that we did. he makes me feel like i'm actually not screwing this up...and that's a good thing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


update on my friend who is due in april and sick--

she has very little amniotic fluid and the baby is growing very slowly. her last ultrasound showed some of the baby's organs and a heartrate of 170...but the baby isn't moving. at all. mainly because there isn't room to/no fluid. they've taken her off weekly ultrasounds and put her on monthly ones...her next one is dec 17th. at that point, the genetic counselor will talk to her as well.

i'm so scared for her. she's so afraid that either the baby will not make it OR it will have horrible medical issues. keep her in your thoughts, because she can't escape mine.


maybe it's just me, but i have never asked a woman if she was pregnant or when she was due.

okay, i take that back. a month ago i was trying to pick out a winter coat at old navy, and was confused about what might work for a growing belly. i asked a woman who was obviously 8 months pregnant (and who was looking at baby clothes) which coat to get.

but the past two weeks, STRANGERS have not only asked when i was due, but have also TOUCHED ME. ON MY BABY. NOT VAGINA. BUT TUMMY. without being told that i was pregnant.

i don't know you...but i for sure know several girls who always look pregnant, but couldn't be farther from it. i've heard people ask them, and they had to tell them while holding back tears that no..they weren't pregnant at all.

i guess i've just never had the balls to touch someone on their torso that i don't know, let alone assume that they are pregnant enough to ask them their due date. maybe this is supposed to be reassuring that i don't look that fat, but more pregnant? (i'm still losing weight, infact, another pound since friday...this is a trend that i could get used to. AND THEN ALL THE BABY WEIGHT WILL HIT ME AT ONCE. OMG. kill me.)

anyway...i'm just shocked at the audacity, balls, cajones, whatever you want to call it.

ps it JUST happened again. and i was told it was going to be a little girl and that i was going to be HUGE when i was at the end of it.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the place where the whitest of trash come together to bash everyone else.

except for john.
and me.


the perils of childbirth sans technology

i found out today that a friend, who is due in the beginning of april, is back on bedrest. she's been on bedrest throughout this pregnancy 2 other times, has had shingles during it, and other complications. she has to go in weekly for an ultrasound just to ensure that the baby is still alive.

i feel so many different emotions towards her--saddness that she is experiencing little joy during this pregnancy, ease that mine is going pretty smoothly except for embarrassing parking lot vomiting, and amazement about technology.

if we were in our same situations 50 to 100 years ago...her baby would be lost and if she did make it to full term, karen would possibly die during childbirth just because her body can't take the continual strain.

it kills me that i can't even begin to wrap my head around technology today. they can do a dna test on a fetus, they can perform surgery on the baby still in the womb (i watch house), they can tell you what your baby is going to look like, and the possiblity of deformities and defects.

i can barely check my email. and defragment what? where's the on button?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I think I've reached the point in pregnancy where I look pregnant and cute.

now, I'm not trying to toot m own horn...because I'm not usually a person who gives myself praise when it comes to looks. but I feel that j have arrived. I'm still pukey, but damnit, I'm looking adorable while doing it. (um--maybe not while actually vomitting).

vanessa told me that the 5th month was the sexy month. I'm still little over a month away from that, but I'm beginning to understand what she was meaning. the libido is back, I still hate cuddling right now though, but I feel better about my body because I've finally realized what it's supposed to do; I'm beginning to get why God made me the way He did. it's embracing what being a woman truly means, not trying to hide anything, and wearing it proudly. I can't hide my ever growing stomach, and I wouldn't want to...because I was created with the mission to bring this life into the world. and I think that's beautiful.

I really hope that our monster is born on it's due date--mothers day. I couldn't think of a better gift (but john, I'm still expecting something :))

Saturday, November 15, 2008

baby baby baby

our appointment went great yesterday!

I got my flu shot (ouchies....I'm really sore today), and we got to listen to the heartbeat again...160 this time! we are in the process of scheduling our ultrasound...we think it's probably going to happen December 22nd. we really hope so, because if we get it that day, we will have them put the gender in an envelope and we will open it together on Christmas eve or day.

wouldn't that be a great gift? of course, we want them to tell us if they can't tell the gender, just so we know.

we are trying to figure out what we want for Christmas. I'm really wanting some baby stuff, but my parents and grandparents both have basically said get things for YOU--they're getting us baby things later. I guess that's a good thing...we will have plenty of time to get things for the baby throughout the pregnancy. I do know my parents are getting us the crib we want, and my grandparents are doing the stroller/baby car seat combo. I'm thinking we will ask johns parents if they wanted to get us another car seat or something else.

I'll be 15 weeks on Sunday, and am growing more each day. sleeping is getting rougher, so I really hope my parents get me the pillow I asked for for Christmas!

I thinky hormones are leveling out a little--I'm still grouchy and get impatient easily. poor john. he still doesn't realize that when I say I'm hungry or need food that it means right then. for some reason, if I don't start eating immediately after I get hungry, I get really sick.

still figuring out holidays as a police family. basically, because of johns schedule, all holidays have to be spent in this area because he will work on them (which, honestly, is okay that he works on them...I'll still get to see him most of those days). we will probably go down to russellville on the days he has off around major holidays that also work with my schedule (for example, we wouldn't go to Russellville for Christmas this year until the Monday and Tuesday after because of my schedule). minor holidays will probably just be rescheduled, and of course his family is always welcome up here for holidays if they want to see john on the actual day.

trust me, it's easier if both families either live close by or no where near you--that way no side feels like their not as important as the other side.

Friday, November 14, 2008

the ring test...

today at work we conducted the ring test to see what sex our little monster is.

it said girl for the first kid, and boy for the second.

while i completely know in my heart that this is an old wives tale...i was pretty excited. have any of you mom's tried this? you still can, no matter how old your little one is.

all you do is pop off your wedding ring (or you can use a needle) and thread string through it to make it hang about 12 inches. have a spouse or friend hold it over your wrist (or belly), with one hand on the ring to make it lay still. release the ring, and it should start moving (if you're every going to or have a kiddo). if it moves in a circle, it means girl, back and forth means boy. it will pause between each.

i actually had 3 different responses, the girl, the boy, and then a diagonal line. the lady at work who did it said they did it on her mother in law, and it showed all 13 kids she had, and in order.

i think it's pretty neat, even if it probably isn't accurate ( chinese calendar said girl too ;) ).

off to our pre-natal appointment!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Wednesday at work I poured my first molds/created my first models in the lab. I also started the process of creating temporary crowns, but we are finishing that next week for when we have more time.

I'm not exaggerating at all when I tell you that I'm completely awesome at pouring molds. it's a multiple step process, involving taking impressions from a patient to mixing compounds to gingerly applying those compounds to molds to setting the plaster to removing and using a wet saw...

completely the best day at any job I've ever had in my life.

since the offic is closed this week to patients, I let one of the other girls work the office today while I took it off. it was glorious to get to spend a day with john, going to Springdale and Fayetteville, eating yummy food, and enjoying just being together--it doesn't happen very often and is about to happen even less.

we go in tomorrow for my appt...I'm 14 weeks and will be 15 weeks Sunday. time is just flying by now; atleast it feels that way.

let's see....on Tuesday we had lunch at the mall and had to go by zales to get a new watch battery for my co-worker. the lady behind the counter asked how far along I was, and replied that I was BIG after my answer. she then bet I was having twins.

I asked her to please not wish that on me. because I'm already having dreams/nightmares about it being twins. really vivid dreams like the ones I had before I knew I was pregnant, but was in my dreams.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

our monster is an exhibitionist. it seems to find great joy in making me puke in broad daylight in various parking lots.

my name is wendy. and I puke in your friendly neighborhood parking lot.

maybe I wouldn't mind the vomitting if I was near plumbing. or my toothbrush.

thanks, vanessa!

six things about me....

1. i pretty much abhor capital letters. i just don't use them unless it's a business document. and yes, this started after a my high school long fascination with ee cummings.

2. our wedding ceremony playlist left my dad's friend saying "what the hell?"
while i don't think it's strange...maybe it is?

our parents and grandparents all walked in to "going to the chapel", the boys all walked in to "500 miles" (only one of the best songs EVER...and catchy, too), the girls all walked in to "the way i am" by ingrid michaelson, and we all walked out to "all you need is love"...

maybe we are weird.

3. while highly debated on the playground, i believed in santa claus until the year i was 8. i received no presents from santa that christmas. and then i knew the truth. my parents must have taken them for themselves because my gifts were that awesome.

4. my favorite book is "stiff" and it's about the history of the human cadaver. i like to read the chapter on medicinal cannibalism aloud when john eats chinese food.

5. my dad compulsively shuffles playing cards. he has them placed around the house in areas that he spends a lot of time in so he can shuffle while working, eating, and watching tv. my first grouping of words when i was a wee tot was "daddy's cards".

6. until i was, oh...lets say 17, i had this weird habit of actually believing that i was an olympic gymnast. i can't even do a cartwheel. but every single stinking time i was in a grocery store aisle alone, i'd perk up on my tip toes, run, pretend to hit the vault, and violently move my hands through the air to mimic how has i was spinning. and then i'd land, and ALWAYS, always i hit my end pose, arms in a V.

i stopped after my mom caught me doing this and told me that she was sure that guys watching the security cameras loved watching the chick with tourrette's in their aisle.

i promise you i'm not creepy. maybe.

lalalalala i can't hear you...

1. pregnancy has made me extra gassy.

2. because of this, i have become an expert in the art of "toot and manuvere wildly in odd patterns in a public places so no one knows it was you".

3. i just made my father proud because of it.

4. i am a kick ass wedding bouquet builder. no lies.

5. for breakfast i had cottage cheese from steak and shake...and the people rejoiced, for it was good.

6. working in an office by yourself is lonely. but i do get to catch up on my shows i miss during business hours.

7. we have our next pre-natal appointment friday at 2:40--i'm not really sure what's going on at it, to be honest. i mean...the usual pee in a cup, get weighed (woohoo?), and maybe get to hear the heartbeat again.

8. i KEEP freaking out that i'm having more than one baby, just because my belly is bigger than it should be at this point.

9. i know that's completely irrational, and that there's really like a .0001% chance there's dual monsters in my uterus...but it keeps me up at night and makes me have dreams.

10. i had the best chicken salad sandwich of my LIFE!! yesterday at stone mill bakery off gregg. yummy cranberry and walnut bread!!

11. i'm ready for thanksgiving only because i plan on eating dressing and noodles...and that's it.

12. we have two thanksgivings, back to back, down the road from each other every year. at my grandma's we have COLD turkey because she hates turkey but the best dressing in the world, and at my aunt's we have our family tradition of hand-made noodles that i could eat for the rest of my life. at grandma's, we all sit around the table and eat my aunt's, we all find the best seats around the tv and eat off our knees. i love it.

13. still losing weight (officially 15 pounds lighter since started to want to lose weight, 10 pounds since baby), but i haven't gotten sick since thursday night.

14. i totally just jinxed myself, huh?

15. i'd like to buy the world a coke.

16. every day when i get off of work, john and i play the same game. i come into our bedroom, and he hides under the covers and lies really still. every day, i make some grand gesture about how exhausted i am, and LOOK!! it looks like i have a brand new body pillow on the bed just waiting for me!! so i jump on the "pillow" and use elbows, hands, and knees to arrange it just right. and john giggles the whole time.

17. i fell asleep last night at 8:00. i woke up this morning at 5:55. now that's some sleep.

18. i'm way too excited about my tuesday night shows..we have house at 7, and then fringe at 8. and then we fall asleep.

19. i'm off on thursday and i am WAY too excited about this as well. i'm not doing anything fun, just cleaning (which is WAY over do).

20. i was going to complain about how cold it is...but then i read sarah's post about all their snow and winter stuff they're having, and opted to just say "i don't like it when it's chilly and rainy. the end."

Friday, November 7, 2008

oh, p.s.

it's official--i'm going to have a HUGE belly when i get further along. i'm already way out there, and yesterday in the shower, i looked down and couldn't see my feet. i had to lean to the side to see if the soap was off them.


yesterday as i was driving to rogers to pick up crushed cadaver bone (i have the coolest job ever!!!), i decided that i officially hated my hair and that frankly, either it needed to grow 12 inches that day OR be cut off.

so i messaged jasmine, and she cut off my hair. and i love it. it's amazing and cute and i don't have to do anything to it if i don't want to.

it's been a bit since we've hung out, and i'm thankful for that. well, didn't that sound crappy?

i meant to say that i'm thankful that she understands that i'm the person who gets EXTREME anxiety when i'm constantly around people. i can be in a busy place all day, but when i have to be grouped in the same area with people for very long, i get very smothered and overwhelmed...and i tend to freak out a little. it usually comes off as me being emotional and/or rude, but it's really me just knowing that if i DON'T get away from everyone, i will not be able to function.

i'm promise i'm not super insane.

so i'm glad for the jasmine's, the carole's, the john's, etc., who understand that about me. it may make me out of pocket here and there...but i promise i'm still there for you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the bedding i would DIE for. i love this bedding. i'm going to get it come hell or high water.

i'm not drunk!

last night, i got off work late. which normally is not an issue, but yesterday, my friends, i had to hurry to cast my vote for obama. so it was crucial for me to make it from my office across the street from my church in fayetteville to my polling place, 2 blocks from my house in rogers.


and so i hauled some major booty, dealing with a family emergency at the same time. i screech into the parking lot, open my car door, stand up, and proceed to PROJECTILE VOMIT EVERYWHERE.

this wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't a gaggle of old people leaving the church at that same moment.

or would be even less embarrassing if after they asked me if i was alright, i said something other than:


and then threw vomit in the air some more.

after telling this to john, he just looks at me and says,"well, now they think you are pregnant AND drunk."


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

did you know?

That Obama IS a Muslim, its been confirmed...

That if Obama wins, we all better stock up on groceries because WHO knows what will happen!!

That if Obama wins, we wont have electricity anymore (because he wants to use coal)

That if Obama wins, you better FORGET the stock market because the economy is going to crash!!!!! (but if McCain wins, IMMEDIATELY buy stock. it's going go through the ROOF!!!)

That those gays shouldn't be allowed to be foster parents or adopt (they're freaks, don't you know?? they may even turn those kids queer!!!)

these are the things i learned today at lunch with my lovely (not sarcastic...they are lovely) friends from work. i just bit my tongue and ate some more cheese dip.

God bless cheese dip on days like these.

vote for:

orange sherbet for president.

it makes me not want to vomit. therefore, it should be deemed above all others in any realm.

go sherbet go.

Monday, November 3, 2008

fast times at ridgemont high

1. i love that movie. moreover...i have a crush on sean penn. weird, i know.

2. i'm seriously over (hear that, monster fetus?? OVER) throwing up, or even dry-heaving. yup. done.

3. i think that we get to find out the sex at our December pre-natal appointment. i'll be 19 weeks at it, so it should be good to go. let's hope the best! because damnit, i need to know what this now medium-shrimp monster is.

4. still losing weight, yet...look like i've gained lots because of the now non-hiding bump.

5. still a little nervous about the idea of moving right before the baby comes. if it's in april or beginning of may, it really doesn't matter a whole lot because frankly, i'll be approximately 742 weeks pregnant, and i'll be napping and/or drinking iced tea during the duration of it. (while i sucked at planning everything else...this is working in my lazy favor).

6. my new clothes are beautiful. and my favorite thing is my new chicken shirt. i promise it's not quite as tacky as it sounds.

7. the new target opening soon in rogers makes me happy in my pants.

8. a man wearing both a pocket protector and a jamician hat just walked by. twice.

9. don't order the guitar hero snack box at kfc. to borrow john's borrowing of a jamie-ism...i was underwhelmed.

10. i need to chew better. i just swallowed 3/4s of a yellow starburst (i know...yellow..ew.) and it really didn't feel so fantastic.

11. we missed church sunday because john got off work late (like, 730 am) and worked the night before for 12 he slept in the guest room and i accidently fell asleep in the middle of getting ready for church because...well, because i suck.

12. we wont be at church THIS sunday either because we're in OKC visiting friends/being carole's grunt work for their wedding in january...the wedding in which i will be gloriously 6 months pregnant.

13. i feel guilty about missing church.

14. but, you know, i think Jesus himself took some time off or got sleepy once in a while.

15. maybe not. but atleast i don't turn over cages of birds infront of the temple.

16. john isn't joining the couples group at church after long thought...for various reasons that include things like expired vehicle tags and shift changes at work.

17. people of vintage, i beg of you, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CAR TAGS ARE UP TO DATE. good grief...he about has a seizure everytime we pull into the parking lot. he likes to believe that Jesus would have current tags. i believe that Jesus would rollerblade everywhere. that's where we differ.

18. i also like to think that Jesus would wear a tuxedo t-shirt. because he's classy...but also likes to party.

19. i just laughed out loud after typing that.

20. where's UPS? did they move it? i drove for an HOUR today trying to find it...and i swear it moved from it's location in springdale off robinson because IT WAS NOT THERE. and i used to go there weekly. i finally decided to screw it and use FedEx. they have better marketing anyway.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

on being pregnant and pro-choice

ever since I was old enough to understand the argument of pro-life and pro-choice (my youngest recollection is around age 11), I've been decidedly pro-choice. throughout the years, the topic would come up, I'd say my opinion, and would be told that ofcourse I'd say that...I've never had a child, never carried one. just wait until you do, I was told. apparently my mind would be instantly changed.

and then I got married, and very quickly got pregnant (within the first month). and you know, while I'd die for my child, the one I'm carrying and helped create, there is no way in help that I, you, some man, or the government should be able to tell me or any woman what they are allowed to do with their body. if a woman decides that that is the route she must take, then no one can judge her but God.

I believe that there are women who abuse abortion, taking poor choices they made one night to get a quick fix. but I believe that there are other women, ones who may die because of the pregnancy, ones who have to sacrifice one baby to save another, ones who were raped, ones who were forced into incestal relationships...

I'm bringing this up becuase it was the topic at Sunday lunch with my family today. yeah, while john slept at home, I got to hear the abortion discussion. woohoo.

anyway, off soapbox. comments are probably going to be heavily monitored or closed because frankly, you have your own wonderful space to write whatever you choose there.
next weekend I'm going to okc to see carole and help her with her wedding stuff. johnny may be coming too to see zachy.

I'm so excited--it's been so long since we've hung out with real friends. actually, I think the last time was in august at their house, and we may or may not have made a baby while there.

I love my friends, and am sad that none really live here. oh weekend will be filled!

edited to add that I don't discredit the friends we have here. I like you and appreciate you (especially when we snack in your car, jaye t). there are just those friends in life that make it so easy to be yourself around them, the ones who understand when I need alone time, when to share stories, when to give support and follow through...drama free and fantastic people. and that's what I need in my life.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

good day!

today my mom and I went to target to do some shopping, and I was on the look out for maternity jeans. when we got there, she made me try on everything I thought was cute...and so I did.

I just didn't realize she was going to get it all for me. I was completely awesome and a huge surprise!

we also looked at cribs since they're getting us one, and she liked the bedding I want. we also discussed how I want to decorate our Christmas tree...I'm just getting so excited!

john and I had sushi for dinner...and ate like 2 bites before we were stuffed. so we brought it home, and I'm getting ready to break in to yet.

ooooooooo for my birthday, john got me the latest David Sedaris book, when you are engulfed in flames. he is my favorite essayist, so I was completely stoked (and halfway through the book). I'm just glad that my sedaris collection is complete again- j don't like getting behind on his stuff :)