Saturday, October 11, 2008


A baby is sort of a big deal.

I'm really glad to know two other couples that are due days apart from our little monster's grand arrival.

We get to hear the kiddo's heartbeat this Friday....and I'm so excited! I promise not to be that mother that is obsessed with everything that their child does, scrapbooks positioned in strategic places to bombard strangers with. I mean, it's a baby...our baby, even. But come on, it's a baby. It's not like it's a grilled cheese sandwich with the face of the virgin Mary on it. Now that's noteworthy.

We've decided (like 95% sure) that we are going to move when our lease is up. In may. 10 days prior to baby ETA. Nice. We're awesome at this timing stuff.

Time to stop..we are in Memphis!


Aaron said...

We're here for ya', and hopefully vicey versey.

Jasmine said...

You'll figure it out. You have a great husband... and you are pretty darn determined.
I am positive it will be stressful.
But you have our support if you need it.