Monday, October 27, 2008


since being pregnant, I've noticed that a lot of babies in the world are ugly.

perhaps that's the opposite of the usual response from women who are expecting, but I'm being serious. call me a horrible person, but wow. not everyone has to repopulate the earth, if you get my drift. I wish that I could say that these unfortunate looking babies grow up to be physically beautiful, but that'd be a lie. and I wish I could say that the parents are usually gorgeous and it's some fluke. but you know, not so much.

I'd like to, right now, blame this offensive material on the hormones and the heartburn I'm constantly having.

and now that the apology is over, I'll continue.

I am worried, vain as it is, that our monster will come out looking like something a cat threw up. john and I are both decent looking people (okay...he's pretty. and I'm okay.) and if the baby looked exactly like me, or exactly like john, I think all would be well. but if somehow it's a mixture of us, with my fat face and a...different nose (one that fits johns lean face great)...then the kiddo is screwed. we can reasonably guess what the swamp thing will look like: pasty, white/super blonde headed growing up, light colored eyes...but after that...nothing.

but I will pray for dimples.


A said...

After it being healthy and normal and stuff, having an ugly baby is my worst fear right now. Totally with you on this one.

Boom da Boom said...

OMG Wendy.. you were the cutest thing since sliced bread when you were a baby and little girl and you haven't changed 1 bit! You are still beautiful! You will have a beautiful baby! No more worries!