Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm back from my hermit hiatus. all is well.

this week the monster baby has kicked my ass. on Wednesday I was told to go home at 10:30 because after throwing up 4 times, I started to have nosebleeds. Thursday night proved no better. nor did Friday. the monster and I had a talk, and because of this week alone, they're driving a pinto for their first car. maybe a daewoo, if I feel generous.

I'm betting I'm feeling so poorly because the baby was working from being a fig to a lime, and I'm entering the promise land of the second trimester next week. all I'm saying is that this dang baby better be cute and a genius, or there will be words.

john still thinks Obama could be a candidate for anti-Christ.

my birthday is Friday (Halloween!) and to celebrate we bought me a winter coat. it's beautiful, and green, and absolutely perfect. I wear it around the house because if I was colorblind and a small French child in a boarding school, I could be madeline. I wish. for my acual birthday, we went with a friend and had sushi (all cooked) last night, am having my bday dinner at grandmas Sunday, and eating with my parents Friday night. I'm very excited about it all, mainly because I simply love all birthdays.

work is amazing, I love my office.

my husband is amazing because he brings me coco when he gets off work.

meat makes me want to die inside.

my belly is getting bigger (thanks amniotic fluid)!

and oh I quit the shelter! I'm only excited about it because I was so tired working an extra 16 hrs a week. except that the same two people call me daily to cover their shifts, which frankly is absurd. so paula and lindsey, suck it. dude, I even told the lindsey girl to her face that last weekend was my last shift. argh.

anyway, life is better. the baby is healthy. john is stinky. and all is well.


ness said...

Five months. That's all I'm saying. 5 months.

: )

thanks for covering for me today!

Captured Moments by Kim said...

Glad you are feeling better! I was beginning to wonder when your blog went private! Don't DO that to a worry wort! LOL
BTW.. I like the names so far.. just my opinion. Love you, darlin'!
Cousin Kim

Sadie said...

That's funny. I about the same things last year.