Friday, September 19, 2008


listening to a two year old belt out Disney songs makes any bad day go away.

I can make BBQ chicken, and it doesn't stink.

I don't work this weekend. And I'm so freaking excited!

I get to go to church sunday, but have to sit by myself because john is working. Why is it that I can eat mlby myself in resturants, watch movies alone In a theater but can't go to church alone?

I have eaten way too much grapefruit.

I haven't gained any weight that I had lost. Unfortuantely, now I'm just praying that I'm super bloated and that it will end soon.

Zach and carole still live too far away. I miss them way too much. They're just, I don't know, so easy to be around. I feel like I can actually be me...and that it's okay.

John farted when I was asleep last night and apparenty the fumes made me convulse. No kidding.

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Jasmine said...

It is good to have friends like that.
I wish Zac and Carol were closer for you... because those friendships are just so valuable. Didn't you say they were thinking about moving to Tulsa?

If they do, they'd only be an hour away.