Friday, August 1, 2008

diet lifestyle

Ahh, food, how I love you. But you stick way too well to my butt and thighs. So things must change!

The biggest change is going to be meat. I'm going to have 2 meat proteins a week (one being on sundays, the other at my discretion). The other meals will have plant proteins, be it soy related (a complete protein) or combos of several incomplete proteins to get the balance correct.

I'm starting to physically measure out food to correct portion sizes. Did you know a serving size of strawberry yogurt is 8oz? That's a lot of food. (That was my lunch yesterday). And it was only like, 200 calories.

That's another thing. Calorie counting. Its so easy to do. I'm not adding up exact numbers, but getting close. Yesterday was a low calorie day bc I felt like throwing up most the day, so I was around 1000. Too low, especially considering I worked out too. Today I'm feeling good though, so I'm probably looking at 1500 to 1700. Low still, but not bad low.

Also, did you know 1 mile of walking is burning about 100 calories?

I'm just so excited to really be ready to do this. So I'm going to bore you, but about once a week ill probably update at how I'm much weight lost, am I going crazy without cheetos, did I hijack an ice cream know, the usual.

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