Sunday, August 10, 2008


it's been a whirlwind of crap the past few days. I went in for my background check and drug test for the shelter on thursday. I was sort of shocked about how much pee they needed. Let me just say that I barely made it.

My body is less pissed off at me, and I am quite glad that I wasn't pregnant (as was the assumption of several people). it's just not the right time for it for us.

Um, ooooooo we are going to Oklahoma city next weekend for Zach and carole's engagment and graduation party. We are so excited to see our friends, and can't wait to celebrate with them!

We baby-sat our friend's dog for the past two weeks, so he is buying us a night's stay at a hotel that has safari cats at it! He didn't say what it was called, but I bet that it's at turpentine creek! Exciting!

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Jasmine said...

LOL! Thanks! I appreciate your selflessness.

How has the week started off for you?