Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've been thinking for a while about what drives us, what makes us value and desire certain things over others.

And I'm completely confused, just as much (or more so)than I was in the beginning.

There are these standards that we somehow have contrived in our heads that drive us daily.

For me, the union of marriage is huge. Divorce isn't an option-if there's a problem, there will be some sort of positive solution. I believe that if there was ever anything that could ever lead to that even being a sidethought, that john and I could come together and talk about it, about our concerns, our wishes, our issues, and we would resolve it as a team. Make a plan, get outside help if needed-but as a team.

There's also quiet. I value quiet spaces (that don't have to be audibly silent-music can be blaring, whatever) where I can just regroup and compose myself.

I value, desire, whatever you want to call it, support. Its so reassuring to know that if you're doing something hard, there's someone rooting for you, teaching you, loving you as you go on.

I respect unconditional love. I hold the people that I love like this in a higher place than I do others.

What do you value?

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innerworking said...

I value you. I value the way you are striving to be a good partner for John and take such good care of him. He is very important to us... and I appreciate that about you. Wait- you're important too... didn't mean for that to sound like I am leaving you out...tehehe.