Wednesday, July 30, 2008

theys be goin' woo woo!

The furniture painting went well. Little did john know that when he left this morning that the furniture we primed last night to be painted brown today would end up being aqua and mint green.


I love that he trusts me enough to do wacky things like that-like painting furniture and not being real clear about what color it may end up being.

I'm a-thinking that thursday if the weather doesn't suck, jasmine, baby i, and I will go swimming at the bosses' pool. And on friday, I'm thinking about going over to nicole's to play wii :) my partner in crime.

We found a poster in my great granma's furniture that we acquired (and painted today). It stated 'america needs nixon/agnew now!'

My life is a little brighter after 'bookclub' (that really was just gabbing bc low turnout and rescheduled to next wednesday). Ahh...I love having a church where I can just be ME and be accepted. Its a completely new feeling,

I love john.

The end.

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