Thursday, July 24, 2008

1. Baby kitty (aka scout) is dying, I'm pretty sure. John said that this morning scout was acting like he couldn't walk. And he's been peeing NOT in his litterbox even though its steps away. I'm sad about it, but if he is going to die, I want to make sure he feels the most love and comfort possible until then.

2. I made peach salsa last night and it was tasty. John agreed.

3. I'm off all week next I think I'm going to lay out with my friend nicole, paint furniture, read, and relax. I'm excited!

4. I prefer handwashing dishes over putting them in dishwasher.

5. I'm officially back on insurance.

6. That means I can finally go to the doctor for my uti, gyno visit, and stuff like that.

7. I love chicken.

8. But I'm seriously considering dabbling in the whole eat no meat thing.

9. But maybe I'd still eat fish.

10. And goldfish crackers.


innerworking said...

no meat? to each his own. ohhh.... time off?! always welcomed- except the whole no money part.

innerworking said...

lol. smartass