Thursday, May 8, 2008

there's nothing quite like the beautiful and delicate art of retaliation.

after spending 7 hours with a screaming toddler, i had had enough. no, no, she has decided that naps aren't her thing anymore. no, no, she has decided that the foods she LOVED yesterday taste like dirt today. not to mention that the idea of "time outs" does not exist in her world, so trying to begin those this week (from the suggestion of her mom) has been wonderful. delightful. who needs both eardrums? not i.

so in retaliation, i dressed her in a chicken costume i found in her closet. and left her in it for the next 30 minutes until her parents got home, mainly because it completely amused me.

everyone got a good chuckle, and i got the satisfaction of watching her waddle her chubby chicken butt down the street.

i should work for the c.i.a.

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